Why RIGHTW Taiwan Sausage?

RIGHTW Taiwan Sausage - mesmerizing flavours passed through generations

“When I was a child, my grandmother would hold a sausage, touch my head and say: Come! Jia niang chang (eat sausage - Taiwanese)"

The founders of RIGHTW "Sharon Wang" and “Frank Wang” were born in Taichung, Republic of China Taiwan and Nanjing, China respectively.

Sharon always had a fond memory of the Chinese festive seasons, because that's when she would get to see her grandmother in the kitchen stuffing sausages during her childhood years and the only time that she gets to indulge on the unforgettable traditional flavours originating from the 70s.

Despite coming from a less fortunate home, her grandmother has always insisted on “doing the right thing”. Her grandmother would go to the local market for the freshest pork legs of the day at the crack of dawn. With the freshest meat available together with her family secret spices, it not only preserves the meats’ natural juicy flavours but also brings out the sweetness of the meat, changing the conventional salty pork sausage into a Taiwanese styled sausage with a tinge of sweetness. Each bite of her grandmother’s sausage is juicy, aromatic, and deliciously flavourful which made it famous amongst the neighbourhood.

The taste of these sausages symbolizes a recollection of loved ones and heartfelt love that cannot be forgotten from her childhood years as they are permanently embedded in her memory and cannot be forgotten.

Sharon left her hometown and furthered her studies in Australia. During her time in Australia, she reminisced about her grandmother’s sausages, her last words before she left her hometown and various memories of her time with her family. She was officially homesick. She decided to head back to her hometown and ask her grandmother to teach her how to make her famous Taiwanese styled sausages. This way she can take a piece of home to Australia with her and to also share it with other students studying abroad, allowing studying abroad students to enjoy the traditional Taiwanese flavour originating from the 70s and 80s.

Sharon Wang and Frank Wang co-founded RIGHTW together and they are determined to build a legendary name in the Australian sausage market. Originally Sharon wanted to share the taste of Taiwan to those that are studying abroad and looking for a taste of home, but to her surprise, the flavours of Taiwan also attracted and satisfied many locals’ palate. From there on, the flavours she inherited from her grandmother were spread by word of mouth and loved by many locals that she was constantly replenishing her stock.

Sharon Wang and Frank Wang established a walk-in store in Australia named “RIGHTW Taiwan Sausage” after obtaining their trademark in 2019. They are now looking to spread the spirit of her grandmother to the people in Australia, continuing her grandmother’s legacy.

(RIGHTW explained - RIGHT: doing the right thing, W: the capitalization of the family name, the last two letters TW: abbreviation for Taiwan which also symbolizes the deep rooted Taiwanese culture the store represents)

Our Philosophy

We founded RIGHTW with 4 core concepts in mind: persistence, peace of mind, integrity and innovation.

Persistence: Food safety in the recent years has raised many questions in the publics’ eye. In order to ensure all consumers will be at peace, RIGHTW Taiwan Sausage has enforced strict checkpoints in every step of the sausage making process. RIGHTW has also chosen to use Australia’s local pork leg cut because Australia has the world’s leading meat quality management system which we believe is sufficient to ensure the highest quality of sausages being produced.

Safety: The finest fresh ingredients and food additives are carefully chosen to produce all the sausages. All the ingredients used will need to have raw food material acceptance record and they need to comply with regulatory standards to ensure every ingredient is securely checked. We will never cut corners by adding starch to reduce costs or use artificial casing as a substitute, because only the freshest raw ingredients can present a sausage with beautiful colour, aroma and great quality. We have a transparent production process and certified inspection record for each step of the way.

Integrity: This is most essential teaching that has passed over the last three generation of the Wang family and they believe no matter what you do, you have to do it with integrity. The goal is to produce unforgettable traditional flavours and conquer any failures along the way. Despite the complicated, costly and time consuming traditional methods, we still insist on producing our sausages the traditional hand-made method, so that we can take our consumers back in time to indulge in the traditional flavours from 30 years ago. This is our promise and guarantee to all our consumers.

Innovation: We have started with the widely loved original flavor and expanded to developing new flavours such as: garlic, black pepper and spicy. We will continuously develop new flavours to accommodate more palates in the future, please watch this space! In 2019, RIGHTW has setup a research and development team comprising approximately 15 people, recruited senior chefs, experts in the field and gathered teachings and inspirations from the older generation. Together we hope to bring more and more delicious food to all consumers.

Future Prospects: RIGHTW Taiwan Sausages’ team anticipates spreading the spirit of Taiwanese cuisine and reputation across markets around the world.

We invite you to be a part of this special moment with us.



創辦人『Sharon Wang』-出生於中國台灣台中,及『Frank Wang』-出生於中國南京;Sharon Wang孩童時期看見祖母在廚房間穿梭製作香腸,最期待的是在過節時才能吃到這難得的美味,七零年代記憶中的古早味是令人難以忘懷的滋味,儘管當時家境並不富裕,祖母堅持『做對的事情』,清晨時分採買當日新鮮現宰的後腿豬肉來醃製香腸,不僅保留豬肉原生的肉汁水分,獨家佐料入味,增加肉質的天然甜度,將令人咋舌的鹹味改良為香甜的台式口味,香腸的水分飽滿,彈牙可口,不僅口感特佳,香甜的滋味更在鄉鄰間一炮而紅。



Sharon Wang與Frank Wang 共同創業,決心在澳洲打造傳奇香腸市場;初期,原本只是想把這美味帶給同為異鄉人的台灣同胞們品嘗,卻意外的 深深獲得當地人的喜愛,甚至供不應求,經由口耳相傳吸引海外遊客也前來朝聖購買,真正的滿足老饕挑剔的味蕾。

2019年Sharon Wang、Frank Wang正式在澳洲申請商標,於西澳(Perth)建立門市,並延續祖母的精神命名「Rightw」為店名,「Rightw台灣香腸」的名號此時正式創立。








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